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The Hume Center leads Virginia Tech's research, education, and outreach programs focused on the communication and computation challenges of the national security community. Education programs provide mentorship, internships, scholarships, and seek to address key challenges in qualified US citizens entering federal service. Advanced research programs focus on signals intelligence, electronic warfare, cybersecurity and analytics, and aerospace systems.

Latest Center News

AOE seeks Assistant or Associate Professor

Aug 24, 2015

The Virginia Tech Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering seeks an Assistant or Associate Professor in the field of Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Physics, Space Weather, and Remote Sensing.  

Hume Center Researchers support CEED's Summer Research Camps

Aug 07, 2015

The Hume Center and the Center for the Enhancement of Engineering Diversity (CEED) are collaborating to inspire the next generaton of engineers through CEED's C-Tech2 and Imagination summer camps.  

Hume Center is Hiring!

Aug 06, 2015

The Hume Center has several open posititons in our Research Directorate, both in Arlington and Blacksburg, including Members of the Technical Staff and Associate Director of Research for Cybersecurity and Analytics.    

Hume Center visits the Science Museum of Western Virginia

Aug 06, 2015

In order to build a strong pipeline of future leaders in engineering, you have to start early. Through our Office of Outreach and Education, the Hume Center conducts K-12 STEM outreach to some of Virginia’s youngest engineers.

Hume Center research faculty collaborate on Northrop Grumman Externship Program

Jun 25, 2015

Northrop Grumman Corp. and Virginia Tech are partnering in a 2015 Global Externship Program introducing international students to careers in cybersecurity, computer engineering, and program management. 

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