Advisory Board

The Hume Center's advisory board is made up of intelligence professionals with significant experience in science, technology, and research. The group meets twice per year to provide strategic direction to the center, and ensure the mission of the Hume Center is carried out.

Elected Members

Bob Flores
Former CIA CTO

Al Grasso

Fran Landolf
Core Consulting
Former NSA Executive

Letitia Long
Former NGA Director

Stephanie O'Sullivan
Former PDDNI

Sherri Ramsay
CyberPoint International
Former NSA Executive

Scott Stapp
Northrop Grumman

Jeanne Tisinger
Independent Conultant

John Treichler
Raytheon AST

Ex-Officio Members

Caroline Frampton

Ted Hume
Founding Chairman

Glenn Kurowski

Theresa Mayer
Virginia Tech

Steve McKnight
Virginia Tech

Sanjay Raman
Virginia Tech Applied Research Corporation

Board Alumni

  • Zal Azmi, Independent Consultant, Former FBI Executive
  • Fred Chang, Southern Methodist University, Former NSA Executive
  • Deb Golden, Federal Cyber Practice Lead, Delloitte
  • Leo Hazlewood, INSA, Former NGA Deputy Director
  • Dewey Houck, Former Boeing Executive
  • Rodney Joffe, Packet Forensics and Neustar
  • Don Kerr, Independent Consultant, Former Principal Deputy DNI
  • Scott Large, Former NRO Director
  • Bob McGwier, Virginia Tech Hume Center
  • Pat Meehan, Zeta Associates
  • Joe Mitola III, Virginia Tech Hume Center
  • Jim Schatz, Johns Hopkins APL, Former NSA Executive
  • Alan Wade, Independent Consultant, Former CIA CIO
  • Gwyn Whittaker, Independent Consultant