Hume Center - Governance

Advisory Board

The Hume Center's advisory board is made up of national security professionals with significant experience in science, technology, and research. The group meets twice per year to provide strategic direction to the center, and ensure the mission of the Hume Center is carried out.

Al Grasso
Member, Advisory Board

Bob Flores
Member, Advisory Board

Caroline Frampton
Ex-Officio Member, Advisory Board

Charles Clancy
Member, Advisory Board

David Appel
Member, Advisory Board

Fran Landolf
Member, Advisory Board

Glenn Kurowski
Ex-Officio Member, Advisory Board

Jeanne Tisinger
Member, Advisory Board

John Treichler
Member, Advisory Board

Letitia Long
Member, Advisory Board

Scott Stapp
Member, Advisory Board

Sherri Ramsay
Member, Advisory Board

Stephanie O'Sullivan
Member, Advisory Board

Ted Hume
Chairman Emeritus, Advisory Board

Total: board members

Stakeholders Committee

The Hume Center's stakeholders committee is made up of university administrators with a vested interested in the success of the Hume Center. They act as a governing board to ensure that the Hume Center's path is consistent with its charter, and seek to ensure the availability of resources necessary for the Hume Center to effectively execute its mission.

Cal Ribbens
Executive Director (Interim), Biocomplexity Institute

Don Taylor
Vice President (Interim), Research and Innovation

Julia Ross
Paul and Dorothea Torgersen Dean, College of Engineering

Luke Lester
Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Luiz DaSilva
Executive Director, Commonwealth Cyber Initiative

Sally Morton
Dean, College of Science

Scott Midkiff
Vice President and CIO, Information Technology

Stefan Duma
Director, Institute for Critical Technologies and Applied Science

Steve McKnight
Vice President, National Capital Region

Total: stakeholders