Mission and Organization

Hume Center - Mission and Organizaton


The mission of the Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology is to cultivate the next generation of national security leaders by developing and executing research and experiential learning opportunities to engage students. Education programs engage principally undergraduates through experiential learning, scholarships, and internship and career opportunities in the national security sector. Research programs support graduate assistantships through sponsored research with defense and intelligence organizations.  The core mission of the Hume Center is student-focused. Research activities support the student ecosystem, and as such all research activities include student participation. Research programs that would not support student involvement either because of their timing or nature of work are inconsistent with the student-focused mission of the Center.


The Hume Center is a department within Virginia Tech and administratively organized under the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation as a University Center. Center governance is provided by its stakeholders board.  In addition to the stakeholders board, an external advisory board provides strategic guidance to the Center. Members of this advisory board are national security leaders who seek to ensure the original vision of Ted and Karyn Hume are preserved in the programs undertaken by the Hume Center.

The Hume Center is broken down into individual laboratories that each execute programs in their respective area. See the diagram below for more detail.


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