Hume Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

This page includes answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about the Hume Scholars Program.

Q. Which scholarship should I apply for?

A. You do not need to select a specific scholarship or fellowship. You will be included in all applicable scholarship categories.

Q. How will the scholarships and fellowships be paid?

A. Each award is made in two payments, one for each semester. The award is applied to your VT student bursar account.

Q. I will only be in school for one more year. What happens to the money if I am awarded the two-year scholarship?

A. If you need the scholarship for less time than the amount of the scholarship, the money that you do not use is put back into the scholarship fund and used to fund additional students.

Q. Is there a certain date by which an IC-related internship must be selected?

A. The purpose of the internship requirement is to give you experience working in the defense, intelligence, or national security sector. Ideally, it would be as soon as possible because it is very good experience, but we can be flexible. Typically students complete an internship between their junior and senior years. Work with the NSEP faculty mentors to help identify internship opportunities.

Q. I will be studying abroad and therefore I am unable to attend three NSEP events each semester. Will this disqualify me from receiving a scholarship?

A. The experience of studying abroad is an asset to you and our program, so please go ahead and apply.

Q. I am currently in a co-op program with a DoD agency. Is the Hume Scholars program still applicable to me? Could I substitute my current co-op for the required internship?

A. The co-op and the internship serve the same purpose, providing work experience in the DoD. Please go ahead and apply for the scholarship.

Q. Does the scholarship program assist you in finding a summer internship or am I obligated to find one myself?

A. Your membership in NSEP will help you find out about available internships, assist you with the application process and help you contact people at the agency or company.

Q. What if I don't get an internship? Do I have to give back the scholarship money?

A. The requirement to do an internship was added because an internship or co-op is the best way to learn about the National Security sector, obtain a security clearance, and to get a job within the IC after graduation. We understand that internships and co-ops can be difficult to obtain, so this requirement will be waived if you make the effort to get an internship but do not get it.

Q. What other ways can I get involved with the Hume Center?

A. If you are interested in working in the IC after graduation, we suggest joining NSEP. NSEP does many things: brings in speakers, supports an international trip in the summer, but one of the things they do is to help you land a co-op or internship. When speakers come in from various agencies, they set aside time for one-on-one meetings with interested students. So when you apply for that internship, there is already someone at the agency who knows you, which can be an advantage.

Additionally the Hume Center's research programs provide opportunities for undergraduate research and graduate research assistantships. To identify such opportunities, visit the Research Section of the Hume Center website.

If you have any other questions about the application process, please contact Colleen Bartos.