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The Internet of Things (IoT) is fundamentally changing the DNA of the Internet. Over the past decade, we saw the emergence of the social-mobile Internet, which transformed the way we interact with data and each other. The next decade envisions a similar scale of transformation with new technologies like 5G and edge computing terraforming the global ICT ecosystem into a malleable, virtualized fabric designed to support most any imaginable service.  This transformation brings together cyber-physical systems, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and the Hume Center's Intelligent Systems Lab (ISL) is leveraging these technologies to address critical areas of national security.

The Data Science and Machine Learning thrust applies these technologies to a range of defense and intelligence missions. These include:

  • Optimizing collection and tasking from ISR payloads
  • Activity-based intelligence and object-based production
  • Deep learning-based sensor processing for advanced object detection and classification
  • Inference and anticipatory intelligence
  • Multi-INT sensemaking and fusion
  • Adversarial learning for synthetic data generation
  • Reinforcement learning and adversary state estimation/forecasting 

The Cybersecurity thrust investigates security concerns associated with the proliferation of cyber-physical systems and impacts to national security. Areas include:

  • Security for embedded systems and networks
  • Privacy and integrity for data in smart ecosystems
  • Cybersecurity for energy and transportation systems
  • Security of ML-based sensors and AI-based system orchestration for IoT
  • Analog cybersecurity for cyber-physical systems
  • Cyber operations and cyber mission orchestration
  • RF-based cyber attack and defense


Freeman, Laura
Director and Research Associate Professor

Department Personnel

Chantem, Tam
Assistant Professor
Florez, Orlando
Senior Project Manager
Gerdes, Ryan
Assistant Professor
Graham, Justus
Senior Project Associate
Heaslip, Kevin
Associate Professor
Kauffman, Danielle
Project Coordinator
Lanus, Erin
Research Assistant Professor
Mitola, Joe
Adjunct Research Professor
O'Shea, Tim
Research Assistant Professor
Vondal, Matthew
Senior Research Associate
Walker, Russell
Project Manager
Welch, Scott
Research Associate

Total: 13 personnel