Trending Publications

The following lists papers published since 2015 by Hume Center affiliated faculty with 20 or more citations. These represent the key areas of new research where the contributions of our faculty are getting noticed.

  1. J Li, YK Li, X Chen, PPC Lee, W Lou, A hybrid cloud approach for secure authorized deduplication, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 26 (5), 1206-1216, 2015.
  1. J Li, J Li, X Chen, C Jia, W Lou, Identity-based encryption with outsourced revocation in cloud computing, Ieee Transactions on computers 64 (2), 425-437, 2015.
  1. B Wang, Y Zheng, W Lou, YT Hou, DDoS attack protection in the era of cloud computing and software-defined networking, Computer Networks 81, 308-319, 2015.
  1. A Sengupta, R Tandon, TC Clancy, Improved approximation of storage-rate tradeoff for caching via new outer bounds, Information Theory (ISIT), 2015 IEEE International Symposium on, 1691-1695, 2015.
  1. A Sengupta, R Tandon, TC Clancy, Fundamental limits of caching with secure delivery, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security 10 (2), 355-370, 2015.
  1. KO Elish, X Shu, DD Yao, BG Ryder, X Jiang, Profiling user-trigger dependence for Android malware detection, Computers & Security 49, 255-273, 2015.
  1. M Mozaffari, W Saad, M Bennis, M Debbah, Drone small cells in the clouds: Design, deployment and performance analysis, Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), 2015 IEEE, 1-6, 2015.
  1. C Shahriar, M La Pan, M Lichtman, TC Clancy, R McGwier, R Tandon, ..., PHY-layer resiliency in OFDM communications: A tutorial, IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials 17 (1), 292-314, 2015.
  1. Y Zhang, L Song, W Saad, Z Dawy, Z Han, Contract-based incentive mechanisms for device-to-device communications in cellular networks, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications 33 (10), 2144-2155, 2015.
  1. M Mozaffari, W Saad, M Bennis, M Debbah, Unmanned aerial vehicle with underlaid device-to-device communications: Performance and tradeoffs, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 15 (6), 3949-3963, 2016.
  1. L Xie, Y Shi, YT Hou, W Lou, HD Sherali, SF Midkiff, Multi-node wireless energy charging in sensor networks, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (ToN) 23 (2), 437-450, 2015.
  1. KO Elish, D Yao, BG Ryder, On the need of precise inter-app ICC classification for detecting Android malware collusions, Proceedings of IEEE Mobile Security Technologies (MoST), in conjunction with ..., 2015.
  1. G Bacci, S Lasaulce, W Saad, L Sanguinetti, Game theory for networks: A tutorial on game-theoretic tools for emerging signal processing applications, IEEE Signal Processing Magazine 33 (1), 94-119, 2016.
  1. O Semiari, W Saad, S Valentin, M Bennis, HV Poor, Context-aware small cell networks: How social metrics improve wireless resource allocation, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications 14 (11), 5927-5940, 2015.