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Hume Center STEM-Outreach Reaches Engineers of All Ages

Mar 8, 2017

The Hume Center is committed to educating the next generation of engineers in national security technologies, and that work starts early. Our faculty have given their time in the last few weeks to bring STEM education opportunities to students in local communities.

  • On February 18, our researchers got to participate in the Kids’ Tech University, a Virginia Tech program for elementary school students ages 9 to 12 that demonstrates the “Hands-on, Minds-on” approach of the university by featuring interactive learning sessions, activities, and virtual labs. Participants had the opportunity to learn about amateur radio (‘Ham’ radio) and HF communications monitoring as a part of the Hume Center’s activity session.
  • The Hume Center was invited to host demonstrations as part of the Radford Middle School Days events held on February 21, 22, and 28. Students saw how low-earth orbit and geosynchronous satellites beam data to receivers as our researchers showed them incoming telemetry data in real time. They got to hear Morse Code and Single Sideband Voice transmissions that demonstrated Doppler shifts, and saw the drop in solar panel voltage as the satellite got eclipsed as the earth blocked it from the sun.
  • On March 1, new Hume Center faculty member Dr. Kara Nance gave a lecture at Virginia Tech on the topic of reverse engineering. Dr. Nance joined the Hume Center’s Information Systems Lab in December as an expert in the field of cybersecurity. Her talk on the Blacksburg campus was a special event held for students pursuing the cybersecurity minor.

More pictures from these events can be found on the Hume Center Facebook Page.

The mission of the Ted and Karyn Hume Center for National Security and Technology is to cultivate the next generation of national security leaders by developing and executing curricular, extracurricular, and research opportunities to engage students. If you would like to talk to us about attending your STEM event, please contact Russ Walker at